1. WordPress General

2. About our themes

3. Server Requirements

4. Keep Your WordPress Installation Up To Date

5. Low Budget Hosts or Low Settings Servers

6. Theme Documentations

7. Bundled Premium Plugin Activation

8. Issue with External Connection on some Hosters

9. Recommended WordPress Web Hosting

1. WordPress General

A working version of WordPress must be installed on your server/domain before you can install one of our themes. If you need help installing WordPress, follow the WordPress Codex, or watch the Woo Themes Instructional Video.

Before using any theme, it is important to understand how native WordPress functions work, and how to establish ownership of your new site.

WordPress links you will find useful:

2. About our themes

Each of our themes is carefully coded respecting the WordPress coding standards. All themes have been reviewed by the ThemeForest review team to guarantee the highest quality.

Our most recent themes share the same code structure and core features to maintain consistency among the theme collection and allow switching from theme to theme easily. What makes each theme unique is the specific features and design it offers depending on the field it targets.

For example, a theme dedicated to musicians will offer a discography feature and a theme for designer will come with a portfolio feature. In addition to the knowledge base, each theme comes with a theme documentation that covers theme specific features.

If you’re stuck with anything, be sure to search this knowledge base and the theme documentation before reaching us for further help. Most issues you may encounter or question you may ask are covered in the articles. But you can’t find a solution here, feel free to post a ticket.

3. Server Requirements

To use our WordPress Themes, you must be running WordPress 6.0 or higher, PHP 7.4 or higher version, PHP 8 is recommended (read more) and MySQL 7 or higher version. Our themes have been tested on all major browsers. Below is a checklist of items your host needs to comply with to ensure proper operation:

WordPress recommends using PHP 7.4. Our themes work correctly with PHP 7.4+. 

However, it is recommended to have PHP 7.4 or even better, PHP 8 running on your server.

PHP Configuration limits

Issues you may encounter, such as demo content fails when importing and similar issues, are generally related to excessively low PHP configuration limit settings. You can either increase these limits on your own or contact your web host and ask to have the limits increased to the following minimums:

Note that the values above are the minimum required. We recommend setting these values higher if possible.

If your web host allows you to overwrite your server PHP settings in a php.ini file, create a file named php.ini, paste the content below in it, and drop it in your wp-admin folder.

memory_limit = 256M
max_input_vars = 3000
max_execution_time = 300
post_max_size = 256M
upload_max_filesize = 256M

If your server is Nginx based, you can follow the same process using a .user.ini file.

Verify your server limits

You can check your Serve Limits in the System Status table if available or by installing the WP-ServerInfo plugin and navigate to “Settings” > “WordPress phpinfo()”. The first column refers to your installation value, and the second column refers to the limits of your host. These values are often lower if you have selected a cheap hosting package.

Some hosts will try to keep PHP limits low to conserve resources. You can always contact your host to ask what the current settings are, and have them adjusted if necessary. Since you are paying for those resources, you should rightfully expect to be getting your money’s worth.

4. Keep Your WordPress Installation Up To Date


It is essential to keep your WordPress installation up to date at least for security reasons. WordPress currently powers 23% of all websites in the world. Due to its immense popularity, WordPress is a popular target for hackers, malicious code distributors, data thieves, and wannabe hackers. Every time a new version of WordPress is released, it comes with security fixes and improvements and updating your WordPress installation will improve the safety of your website.

New Features

Our themes evolve along with WordPress. We enforce to implement the latest WordPress features in each theme release or update, following the WordPress philosophy. For example, when WordPress implemented the Customizer, we decided to follow this trend and move all major styling options in it.

More info

A few links you will find useful:

5. Low Budget Hosts or Low Settings Servers

On some hosts, like GoDaddy, 1&1 and Hostgator basic plan, you can experience issues as Demo Content import failure, endless loading, incomplete page rendering, etc. All these problems are caused by the fact that the base host plan of these hosts doesn’t meet the minimum Server Requirements to work with a modern WordPress themes. For example, the Memory Limit of these hosts is too low, approximately 40MB. In the official WordPress documentation is suggested at least to use 96MB, even if 64MB are sufficient to run one of our Themes smoothly.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but it really is out the scope of our support and something that is isolated to a low-performance host.

How to increase the limits

Most of the problems are caused by the WP Memory Limit. The WP Memory Limit is the maximum amount of memory (RAM) that your site can use at one time. When you reach your Memory Limit, you’ll encounter a fatal error. Several things consume memory, such as WordPress itself, the theme you’re using, and the plugins installed on your site. Basically, the more content and features you add to your site, the bigger your memory limit has to be.

You can increase/set any PHP parameter with GoDaddy create a new file named php5.ini (if you already have php5.ini edit the file) and add this line to that file. Wait a few minutes to take affect:

upload_max_filesize = 48M
post_max_size = 48M
memory_limit = 128M
max_execution_time = 600
max_input_vars = 10000
max_input_time = 400

Note that this take action if your hosting plan permits to increase values, please note that sometimes the host limit you and even if you update these values the modification does not take action. They are very strict with their memory limit and one of the few hosts that have such a low limit which causes this problem. In case please contact GoDaddy to increase the PHP memory limit.


GoDaddy support team are not always the smartest or going to show you how to do something without trying to up-sell you to a higher price plan. But you must still know that you get what you pay for a hosting service if you are paying an $0.99 cents a month for hosting you probably won’t be able to run a WordPress site with the latest technology. For instance the GoDaddy Ultimate Plan (Unlimited Everything) currently $7.49 per month, can handle about 1 decked out WordPress site with a good theme and plugins. Add more sites then you will need to buy more resources, that is just how it works.

6. Theme Documentations

Below is a list of documentation for each available theme.

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Musicpro —

7. Bundled Premium Plugin Activation

Most of our themes include premium plugins such as WPBakery Page Builder or Slider revolution.

You don't have to activate them and they'll work for you regardless of that.

Some plugins may ask for a purchase code for registration/activation once installed, however, you can simply ignore these messages as bundled plugins do not require activation or registration.

Any time the plugin is updated, you will find the latest version of the plugin in the includes/admin/plugins or config/plugins folder of the theme. (how to update premium plugins)

You can read more about this here:

8. Issue with External Connection on some Hosters

Some users reported issues with their server reaching external parties (our server) to download the theme demo content, or activate their theme via our API.

These issues mainly occur with OVH and GoDaddy entry offers.

To do so, our themes use a simple standard function (wp_safe_remote_post) to grab the info on our or server.

If, for security reason, your hoster decide to limit this function, you won't be able to use our theme or even other plugins and WordPress itself correctly.

If you encounter an issue validating your purchase code or downloading the demo content, please get in touch with your hosting service provider to fix this server-side issue.

If you need help choosing a decent hosting provider, here is a list of recommended hosters:

9. Recommended WordPress Web Hosting

All of our themes require that you have WordPress installed and running on a hosting web account. Selecting your web host is one of the most crucial decisions you will make for your website. It’s essential to choose the right hosting provider.

Here is a list of web hosts recommended by WordPress and that we recommend as well

If you need dedicated server solutions for much bigger projects, I suggest Digital Ocean.

Known issues with: