1. Set your Blog Page

2. Post Formats

3. Read more tag

1. Set your Blog Page

By default, when no page is set in the WordPress “Settings > “Reading” panel, the last posts are displayed as front page.

But you may want to specify another page for your blog.

To do so, create a page with no content and assign it as “Posts page” in the “Reading” settings.

2. Post Formats

All of our themes support WordPress post formats. Post Formats allow you to display your posts differently depending on your content.

In you post editor page, you can select which post format you want to use in the “Format” box, usually, at the right of your text editor.

Please note that the way post formats are displayed may vary from theme to theme.


It is the typical WordPress post. It will display the title, the featured image (if set) and the content below.


A single image. The featured image will be used as main post content.


The theme will look for the first gallery in your post content and use it as featured gallery.

Any gallery or slider will be considered as the gallery.


The first video URL will be considered the video.

You can use our Wolf Video Thumbnail Generator plugin to generate a thumbnail from any Vimeo or YouTube video automatically and use it as featured image. The script will look for the first YouTube or Vimeo URL in your post and generate a thumbnail. You should find the “Video Thumbnail” metabox above the “Featured Image” box.


An audio file. You can use the audio shortcode provided by WordPress using the media library (“Add media” button). You can also embed a SoundCloud song using the WordPress embed feature by droping your SoundCloud URL in the post. The theme will also detect a playlist from our Wolf Playlist plugin, or WolfJPlayer plugin or any music player we can provide.


A link to another site. The first URL in your post will be used and your post title will be linked to this URL.


The first quote of your post will be considered as the featured quote.


Typically styled without a title. Similar to a Facebook note update. You can use this post format to display an embed tweet.


Usually displayed the same as status format


A chat transcript, like so:

John: foo
Mary: bar
John: foo 2

There usually isn’t any specific style for the chat post format in most of our theme.

3. Read more tag

You can split your post to add a “Continue reading” link on the post index page.

To do so, use the WordPress more tag.

You can find the “More Tag” button in the first row of the editor.

You can further customize the message that displays in the link to the full post content.
You will need to do this in the text view of your editor. Once you have changed to the text editor mode, look for this code:


To customize the message, simply add a space after


and turn it into something like this:

<!--more But wait, there is more-->