How To

Import Demo Content Manually

If you want to import the demo data manually, or if your theme doesn’t offer the “one-click import” feature (yet), you can import the demo content the old fashion way using the WordPress Importer tool.

In your theme package, you will find a link to download the demo data files. Follow this link, upload the zip folder, and extract it using an archiver (WinRAR, WinZip etc..). You will find 3 files and a folder in the extracted archive.

  1. content.xml – The file containing all pages, medias etc…
  2. customizer.dat – The customizer settings.
  3. widgets.wie – The widget settings.

Import the content

  1. In your admin panel, go to “Tools” -> “Import”.
  2. Choose the WordPress option (last one)
  3. Select the content.xml file
  4. Hit the “upload file and import” button and follow the instructions

Note that some of our demo data files are huge and you may encounter issues if your server settings are too low, especially max_execution_time, post_max_size,  and upload_max_filesize settings (read more).

After testing several alternatives to the default WordPress importer, we found that the WordPress-Importer v2 plugin works fine even for hosts with low server settings. To use this plugin instead of the default importer plugin, deactivate "WordPress Importer" and install and activate this one instead.

Note that during the content import using WordPress importer v2, even if the progress bar doesn't move, please wait until it says the posts have been imported.

Import the customizer settings

All customizer mods are automatically set on theme activation, just like the demo. But if you need to reset them for some reason, or if your theme includes different demos with different customizer mod sets, you may want to import them. To do so, install Customizer Export/Import plugin.

  1. In your admin panel, go to “Appearance” -> “Customize” or click on the “Customize” link in your front-end admin bar
  2. Navigate to the “Export/Import” tab
  3. Click the “browse” button and select the customizer.dat file
  4. Hit the “Import” button

Import the widgets

To import the widget settings you need Widget Importer & Exporter.

  1. In your admin panel, go to “Tools” > “Widget Importer & Exporter”
  2. Select the widgets.wie file
  3. Hit the “Import” button


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