How To

Add Typekit Fonts to your Theme

You can add any Typekit Font to your theme, directly in theme options and select it in the customizer “Fonts” tab or in the page builder, where a “font” option is available. But you may want to add Typekit Fontsas well.

1. First, install and activate the Typekit Fonts for WordPress plugin and follow the instructions in this video to enqueue your Typekit fonts in  your website:

2. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Fonts tab (or Appearance > Fonts Loader) and add your fonts separated by a “|” (i.e “Adobe Caslon Pro|Acumin Pro”).

Now, you will be able to select your Typekit fonts anywhere in the theme where a “fonts” option is available.

Note: this customization is not possible with older themes released before “Bite”.