Theme Update

To update your theme automatically you can use Envato Market plugin.

If you can't update the theme from the Envato market panel, you can try to update via Dashboard > Updates or Appearance > Themes.

If you're not able to upate the theme automatically at all, you can update the old fashion way:

You won’t lose any of your content or settings by updating the theme this way.

To update your theme automatically, you must install Envato market plugin.

You should be invited to install and activate this plugin on theme activation (at least on all our recent themes), so it is recommended to install it if you want to update the theme automatically.

Once the plugin is installed, simply go to the Envato market panel and follow the instruction to set up your Envato account.

You will get notified in your admin dashboard every time a new version of the theme is available. Then, simply follow the link in the notification message and update the theme in a single click in the Envato market plugin page.

Envato tutorial: Install (and update) your theme with the Envato Market Plugin (option 3 in the post).