Before posting, be sure that your WP intallation, the theme and all plugins are up-to-date. Also, be sure that the Wolf WPBakery Page Builder plugin is activated with your theme purchase code in the "Apprearence" > "About the theme" panel > "Licence" tab.

PHP -> 7.4+
WP -> 5.8+

Your Theme -> Latest version
WPBakery Page Builder -> 6.6+
Wolf WPBakery Page Builder Extension -> 3.2+ & Activation with theme purchase code

Thank you!


Before Getting Started

Use the documentation

All of our themes as any kind of technical products have a documentation to follow. Some of our themes have many features and tons of options for virtually various needs depending on the theme you chose. Do not expect to be able to use the most of this tools without reading the documentation. Use the documentation and you will be able to create amazing professional looking websites.

Server Requirements

Most of the issues users may experience are related to Server Requirements not respected. Issues you may encounter, such as demo content importing fails, menu partially not saving, page not rendered correctly and other oddity are related to excessively low PHP configuration limit settings of the server. Please note though that many hosts will try to keep the limits low to save their resources. You are paying for it, and you should expect to be getting your money’s worth. These values are typically lower if you choose a low budget host. Before starting, right after installing the theme, check your System Status or use the WordPress phpinfo() plugin to check your server settings.

Demo Contents

Once you install the demo content, you will have a replica of the theme demo site. To make your workflow as smooth as possible, we suggest installing the entire demo, select the pages you need, and remove the rest. Remember, that if you choose a theme containing let’s say portfolio items, you will have to install the related Portfolio plugin before importing the demo content.

Light and Dark skins

When using one of our themes, especially the ones that includes a page builder, you will see frequent references to "Light" and "Dark" skins. Skins are settings that allow you to switch your text color in accordance with the background and design you have in place. A Light skin setting refers to dark text on a bright background (usually used in bright layout). A Dark skin setting, on the other hand, features bright text on a dark background (usually used in dark layout). The skin system makes it much easier to create sections featuring contrast.

Theme Settings

Theme settings are the backbone of our themes. They give you full control over your website and allow you to customize the design without modifying a single line of code. The three major groups of options you can set in our themes are the Customizer Mods, the Page Options and the Additional Options under the "Appearance" WordPress admin menu.

Customizer Mods

The Customizer Mods are responsible for the global appearance of the entire website; unless otherwise specified in Page Options. They are accessible in the “Appearance” > “Customizer” from your admin panel, or directly by clicking on “Customize” in the frontend admin bar. They use the WordPress customizer with its awesome live preview feature.

Page Options

The Page Options are located inside every page, post, product single page. You can override particular Customizer Mods for single page diversification (like the Page Header for example).

Additional Options

Additinoal Options are complementary to the Customizer mods. They can be found under the "Appearance" WordPress admin menu. They most likely include the Google Fonts loader, maintenance page and so on…